Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Photographer

When it comes to being a photographer, the accessories, lens, and let's just call a spade, a spade, t-o-y-s can get pretty expensive. And fast. But that's not to say the occasional bargain doesn't still exist. Have a photographer on your holiday list this year? You might want to consider this really inexpensive video light.

In my freelancing career, I take a lot of photos, but I don't always have the perfect natural lighting available. This just might be the next best thing. The light that this casts is fairly widespread, enough to light a small room well, and it's bright enough to the point that when shined in someone's eyes at full blast, they might cry for mercy. Or start spilling their guts a la an SVU interrogation room.

It comes with several diffusing screens that you can quickly swap out, depending on the current lighting situation, and what you're looking for, and there is also an adjustable dial on the side to easily soften the light, or put it on full blast.

Although it is plastic, it is fairly sturdy and weighty. It slides right on to the top of your camera (my current one is a Nikon D60), and takes six AA batteries.

Stay tuned for my second favorite camera accessory on the cheap ... coming later this week.

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